Our Team

Policy Brew is a volunteer organization. Our members are:


Cassandra Nagy

Cassandra is a new professional thrilled to be working with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. She enjoys traveling, the outdoors, cheese and the Ottawa theatre scene. As a recent graduate from Carleton University’s Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program, she is excited to extend her learning through the Policy Brew series.


Hilary Lynd

Hilary is a tech-savvy Librarian, with a love of good design, music and rollerblading. Hilary is passionate about issues like women in STEM fields, the environment and access to information.


James Rothwell

James is a forward-thinking civil servant, with an eye for innovation and public policy. He enjoys coffee, partaking in winter sports, and is interested in citizen engagement, infrastructure policy, space, the environment, and adventure!



Jeff Neto

Jeffrey Neto is a community organizer with an interest in civic engagement and public policy. He has worked with community organizations in various capacities and is the co-founder of Design For Citizens, a non-profit that uses visuals to simplify public policies for marginalized groups. Jeffrey is also a passionate soccer fan and is training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


Jessica Stark

Jessica Stark is a federal public servant with an interest in social policy. She is also passionate about community engagement, and volunteers for several initiatives within her neighbourhood of Hintonburg. A foodie and Ottawa explorer at heart, Jessica spends much of her down time indulging in Ottawa’s restaurant scene or photographing sunsets along the Ottawa River.


Tatiana Ulloa

Tatiana is a Federal Public servant and the co-founder of Design for Citizens. Tatiana is currently completing her Master’s degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding at Royal Roads University. Tatiana is passionate about international development, community engagement and the public service overall.